Carol Brookes is a Chicago artist working in Mixed Media Wall Sculpture. Carol's artwork has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and cultural centers throughout the United States.
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Carol has taken the concepts, textures and materials from her mixed media wall sculptures and translated them into a group of jewelry pieces entitled Body Pulse. These pieces are the beginning of a series of jewelry works, wearable body art and sculptural forms Carol has planned for the next year or more. She is very excited about this new work and the myriad of possibilities to explore.

9 pc installation 66" x 66" x 8"

Sculpting epoxy, bolts, nails, cotton rope, wood, canvas, spray paint and acrylic

Ghost Symmtery, is a new addition to the "Slant Series." These works are comprised of individual, related modules that fit together to form a cohesive work and like Vortex, takes multiple wedge forms and treats them as one structure with a single image.

Indochine was the result of a trip to Southeast Asia and a cruise on the Mekong River.  These pieces were inspired by the details, patterns and textures that covered the opulent temples, pagodas and sculptures throughout the region and created such grandeur.  I returned home anxious to explore some of the combinations of beautiful textures and patterns that I experienced on this amazing adventure.

Sculpting epoxy, tacks, bolts, beveled washers, assorted hardware, machine keys, acrylic, spray paint and plexiglass

9 - 12"x12"x4" Squares, 42"x42"x4" Installed

4 pc installation,  44"x44"x6"


Vortex is part of the Sl;ant series. It is about concentric movement, transition and transformation.

25 pc installation, 60" x 60" x 8"

Wedged started with the idea of recycling my own art. Many of the bright colored shapes that make up the border were epoxy pieces left over from the previous work "Play." The nine black, central wedges are formal, textured designs embellished with nuts, bolts, washers, pyramid shaped tacks and other assorted hardware. The outer wedges become a frame or border made of brightly colored and black shapes, hardware and other objects assembled in a random, more playful fashion.

9 pc sprawl installation, 88" x 110" x 8"

or 9 pc square installation 88" x 88" x 8"

Play is part of the Slant Series and it was inspired by the feeling that "Spring may never come." These works explore architectural space, the relationship between the hemisphere and wedge forms, textural surfaces and the transformation of everyday materials.

9 pc installation, 66" x 66" x 8"

Serpentine from the Slant series evolved from my previous group of works, PULSE. This three year exploration placed the hemisphere structure into box-like forms. These wedge forms are arranged in various directions, touching one to the other, adding a new architectural element to my work.

4 pc installation, dimension variable

Play Small Group was inspired by the larger work "Play" and its bright colored pieces echo the whimsical feeling of the large work.

4 pc installation, dimension varies.

Vortex Small Group was inspired by the larger work "Vortex". The white forms organic forms opening to reveal an organic inner core. The pieces work indiviually or as a group as shown. These works are displayed between two acrylic squares attached with bolts. This allows the the forms to float in the frame.

Dimension variable.

Surface Pulse is all about texture. This group of twelve pieces are experimental, an exploration of surface and materials. It is almost a free-for-all of ideas. All the pieces are white on white with variations only in shade and finish. The white enhances and emphasizes the many surface and patterns details.

Installation dimension, variable

Surface Small Group was inspired by the larger work "Surface Pulse". These works are displayed between two acrylic squares attached with bolts. This allows the the forms to float in the frame.

"Pulse Vector" alters the hemisphere by cutting sections out of them. This creates new spacial movements. These works use hardware and sculpting techniques to create industrial looking works that appear to be machine-made.

9 pc installation, dimension variable.

PEARL SYNERGY was inspired by shells and their pearl-like surfaces, contrasting shiny and metallic surfaces against matte, porcelain-like surfaces. The piece continues to explore the hemisphere and the notion that in life, something that seems simple or plain on the outside can contain beautiful and wondrous treasures.

PULSE SYNERGY is an installation comprised of nine unique pieces. Each work stands on it's own, but is designed to be displayed as part of a grid. Through the use and exploration of the hemisphere, color and mixed media materials these pieces create connections, an energy that binds them together.
PULSE HYDRA is comprised of four 30" square boxes that are 8" deep. These works are made of sculpting epoxy and embellished with nails, tacks and washers They are filled with organic forms that become imagined underwater worlds of sea creatures, sea flowers or tide pools. Pulse Hydra was inspired by a visit to the Shedd Aquarium on New Years weekend to view the "Jellies" Exhibition. All types of Jellyfish were on display in colorful, backlit tanks. These billowy, undulating creatures captured my imagination and the result was this group of works.
PULSE TRINITY, is a triptych that incorporates epoxy, cut nails and washers to create strange organism-like forms. They are each the same and yet different forcing the viewer to explore and make comparisons. The copper, silver and brass play to the "trinity" concept.
PULSE AXIS is a mixed media wall construction based on the letter "X". The hemispheres in this work are wrapped, altering their form. Each of the five wrapped structures reveals an "x" made of different mixed media materials.
PULSE EMERGENCE is a tryptich that alters the hemishpere by wrapping it on a square form and in two of the three pieces, adding forms to the hemishpere under the wrap. This gives the sense that the transformed hemisphere is emerging from the new structure.
PULSE HIVE and HIVE GENESIS are made of hemispheres wrapped with cotton rope. Rubber mats and industrial honeycomb insulation material creates a background that is dotted with bolts . In HIVE, each piece has attached hardware altering the surface. In HIVE GENESIS there is an illusion that the hive is dissolving into honeycomb but with the promise of re-emergence. A harmonious tension is created by the hard and soft aspects of these piece.
Sculpting epoxy, nails, bolts, aluminum bars, wood, canvas and acrylic
Pulse Aperture was inspired by the Frank Gehry band shell at Millennium Park in
Chicago which is made up of stainless steel tiles bent and curved to form a fluid
structure that feels both industrial and organic
This group of works was inspired by the larger group "Pulse Synergy" and has a very industrial feeling. These structure are filled with bolts, zippers, and other hardware.
These new works explore the idea that a plain wrapper or simple forms can hold hidden treasures. Iridescent structures are encased in matte white, shell-like forms and embellished with pearls and hardware. This group is the precursor to "Pearl Synergy" a group of nine, 22" square pieces.
These works were inspired by the "Jellies" Exhibition at the Shedd Aquarium. These pieces are filled with organic forms that become some kind of imagined undersea worlds like sea creatures, sea flowers or tide pools.
These works were inspired by two larger works, "Hive" and "Hive Genesis." They are made of coiled rope, bolts and industrial honeycomb material.
The Construct Series incorporates layered collages made of hand- made paper, acrylic paint, mesh, wire, hard- ware, found objects and more within wood and canvas struc- tures. I call my works construc- tions because like a builder placing one brick upon the other, I gather my materials and construct my own unique world. Each work can have four, five, six layers or more. Each layer is it’s own creation. The layers talk to me, eliciting a response and often the response is another layer, building upon the forms and surface to create something new. It’s like building a city or a house, a space to “be in”. These collages become isolated worlds, metallic and jewel-like.
WEAVE & WARP       
Acrylic, cardboard, handmade
colored and painted papers,
mesh, pearls, hardware, and
wire in a wood & canvas structure 
48" x 48" x 4" 
These works are comprised of mixed media collages constructed on canvas and encased in plexigas boxes. Many of the same materials are used as in the larger wall constructions, but these pieces are smaller and more intimate. I think of them as constructed drawings.
Acrylic, molded handmadepaper, burnt
cardboard, metal, twigs, Afican beads, Asian
hardware and leather on canvas in a plexiglas box     12" x 12" x 3"  

SLANT: New Works by Carol Brookes was a solo exhibition at the Robert F. DeCaprio Gallery at Moraine Valley Community College.

Carol Brookes - "Pulse" solo exhibition at Akus Gallery

Eastern Connecticut State University

August 29 to October 10, 2013

"Carol Brookes - PULSE - Mixed Media Wall Sculpture" at Viridian Artists Gallery in the Chelsea area of New York. September 25 - October 13, 2012.
Carol Brookes Art, Inc. has moved to a new studio at 1200. W. 35th Street. – Suite #5B-5250, Chicago, IL 60609.
This spacious new studio will serve not only as a work space, but also as an exhibition, seminar, workshop, and event space.
Contact Carol at 312-475-6430 or 312-560-3064 to schedule a studio visit.